Viscosity Grade Bitumen VG30

Viscosity Grade Bitumen VG30, is widely used in spraying applications such as surface-dressing and paving in very cold climate. It is also used to manufacture Bitumen emulsion and Modified Bitumen products.

Origin: Middle East

Loading port: UAE

MQO: 500MTs

Terms of Payment: 100% LC at sight

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Absolute Viscosity at 60ºC, PoisesMin. 2400
Kinematic Viscosity at 135ºC, cStMin. 350
Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup) ºCMin. 220
Solubility in trichloroethylene, %Min. 99
Softening Point. (R&B), ºCMin. 47
Penetration @25ºC, 0.1 mm 100 gm, 5 sec50-70
Testson residue from thin film oven tests/RTFOT
i) Viscosity ratio at 60ºCMax. 4.0
ii) Ductility at 25ºC, cm, after thin-film oven testMin. 40
Specific Gravity @ 27/27 ºCMin. 0.99