Buying Isfahan Bitumen

By shutting and sealing the containers official, the quality of your prime quality bitumen will be assured. Parallel to the preparation of the necessary paperwork for the dispatch of your goods on the first available vessel will also be finalized by our documentation team, which is a separate department solely focused on ensuring the paperwork for your order is unchallengeable at the loading port.
It is noteworthy to mention that most of the world’s ports have weekly service to them.

Unless, the port is congested and depending on the number of orders we have received for the same period of your order is due, this process routinely takes 7 to a maximum of 14 working days for the goods to be ready for shipment. This excludes none working holidays. If you order is larger than traditional, loaded trucks with your drum bitumen will be transferred with your cargo on a daily basis to the port until your order’s completion.

As one of our main aims is your fidelity, repeat business and peace of mind, for our valued buyers which would like to be kept involved during the entire process of their buying Isfahan bitumen and an update on the deliveries which have taken place upon request at any point in time of the procurement process a Daily report will be provided by us accompanied by the inspection company to you or the concerned party.

Isfahan Bitumen, is truly your Gateway to a trusted bitumen supplier from Iran.