Bitumen Packaging

Our bitumen packaging line is designed to output various sized new steel drums as per international standards.
Our assembly has the capability to produce at least 5,000 new steel drums per day or buy new steel drums when it is at maximum production capacity for drums which can reach a total bitumen production of up to 2,000 metric tons by 2017.
To avoid corrosion all of our produced drums are provided with a protective layer.


Drum Dimensions

Thickness0/6 cm
Height98 cm ± %3°
Diameter50 cm
Empty Weight of Drum9/5 kg ± %3
Net Weight182 kg ± %3
Gross Weight of Drum192 kg ± %3

We welcome Bitutainer bitumen orders however the responsibility of providing the bitutainers rests on the buyer’s shoulders.
Jumbo bags while economical and practical in theory in most weather no matter the quality of the bags used have the potential of leaking. For such orders please check with our sales department.