Bitumen FAQ

What is difference between Net weight and Gross weight of bitumen?

Net weight means just bitumen weight without its drum weight.

How much does a bitumen supplier profit?

You may find it interesting that a Bitumen Supplier may profit 3 to 6% and usually not the latter.

How much discount a bitumen buyer could get?

Bitumen discount is available when you buy bitumen from Dubai bitumen and it is usually derived from the profit which is applied to our “ Capital in Use”  which in essence is the collective  interest accumulated onto our financial investment. In other words the money involved with your order  has a certain base value which UAE banks apply to it.

Imagine 15.00USD per metric ton is applied for Capital in use for the duration of your order from the moment it is taken to the time it is returned to us, but instead of us using our own capital , when you exercise yours and pay us 100% T/T  in advance; in this event you can avoid that added 15.00USD per metric ton finance fee which is applied to our quoted price to you.

The same will happen if you pay 50% or even 20% in advance. As the risks of a bitumen supplier are genuinely reduced so will their bitumen prices. With currency value changing worldwide no wonder the expectations on the return investment of a bitumen exporter are reduced when a bitumen buyer pays part or full cash in advance.

How is it possible to find out the bitumen is pure, Not blended?

There is no full proof way of learning the intentions of your business partners unless you have dealt with them or know someone who successfully has in the past, however studying their past performance records and comparing their Bitumen specification with an emphasis on the Ductility and Viscosity of their Bitumen is a good starting point. If the documents they have presented are not firsthand you may want to ask for the original copy and then verify it with the inspection company which has provided it. (Usually SGS, Atlas Inspection or Geo Chem Inspection test Bitumen quality in UAE)

How many drums are stuffed in 20 feet container?

110 drums of 180kg



bitumen faq

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