Buying Isfahan Bitumen

For buying Isfahan bitumen, generally, the bitumen buyers or their trusted representative should send their bitumen request to our sales department through Online bitumen inquiry form; also some professional companies or buyer’s representatives send an official inquiry on their letterhead also known as a Letter of Intent (L.O.I) to us.

After receiving your unofficial or official request, excluding holidays we will then promptly due the necessary evaluations such as obtaining shipping service rates or double checking shipping service rates to your intended destination port and send you a soft offer in a reply email or a full Soft Corporate Offer (S.C.O) which provides you with very important information about the details of your inquiry on our company letterhead.

As our symbol of appreciation for professionally applying for bitumen prices, normally all offers will similarly be quoted officially for. Once all of your questions and concerns have satisfactorily been answered your company will issue us a Purchase Order (P.O.) to us, and in turn, we will issue a contract or Proforma Invoice (P.I.) with your order details enabling you to initiate your order’s payment to us.

Once we have received your advance payment or accepted your workable Letter of Credit (L/C) at our nominated prime bank in UAE, we will then commence the loading of your high quality road bitumen onto bitumen transport trucks and transfer them to the port for stuffing by our packing team crew onto the nominated 20 feet containers. During and upon the completion of filling your high quality petroleum based road bitumen in accordance with the world’s standards, inspection for quality and quantity will also be conducted by a reputable third party inspection company such as SGS inspection at the loading port and they will be present until the containers are safely sealed by the first class inspection company.